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Branding is the life of a company — its heart and soul.

No more countless searches for ‘Logo Designer Near Me’ or ‘Graphic Designer Near Me’ — Graphic a la Design creates unique logo designs and builds brands for clients in a variety of industries, from small start-ups, to large multi-national organizations. Lori has a wealth of graphic design expertise and experience when it comes to colour branding and typography (fonts), including the psychology behind ensuring the right choices are made during the logo design process to attract your target market.

With over 29 years of experience designing logos, Graphic a la Design knows how to make your branding and logo design effective. Colour, typography, fonts, graphics and design are our language.

Having a strong brand strategy and brand identity adds purpose, consistency, emotion and customer loyalty to your business. Graphic a la Design can help develop your brand strategy and identity with:


A well-designed logo is a cornerstone of your brand and your visual identity. It should be used in all communication and transferable to various print and digital applications. Graphic a la Design will provide you with all the file formats you need to achieve this. All Graphic a la Design ‘Logo Collateral Packages‘ includes the following:

  • All raw files, we hold nothing back, you get it all
  • Professional vector formats, scalable to any size, for any use. Many design studios do not offer this!
  • In-office logo formats (generic options for daily use)
  • Secondary logos (horizontal, vertical, square), if required
  • Branded social media profile logos
  • Website and favicon logos
  • Patterns, textures and other graphic elements

Review our packages below and choose what’s right for you.


This is your personalized guide to everything you need to know about your logo. Never again forget font names or colour codes in your logo with this custom multi-page guide (visit our Facebook page for examples of excerpts from client packages). Don’t know when to abbreviate your company name or when to spell it out in full? Or, how about what hashtags to use? No worries, we cover that, too!

Your ‘Branding Standards Digital Document’ contains a full-colour print and digital colour pallets, font names and weights, file type explanations as well as the do’s and don’ts of using your logo.

For brand consistency, this document should always be shared with anyone reproducing your logo. Click to visit our logo portfolio.

Option One —
Bring 'Your' Own Logo IDea

Maybe you have a sketch on paper or an idea on your mind you’d like computer-generated? Or, you have a simple or flat logo that you need assistance with computer generating?

Perhaps you have a logo in an older format that you need to be illustrated into vector format for flawless reproduction? Alternatively, maybe you have a logo that has worked* for years, but you are looking for a refresh to stay current with your target market and industry — something more with the times, creative and persuasive.

Regardless, with the ‘Bring Your Own Logo Idea’ option, Lori will bring ‘your’ concepts and ideas to life. In addition, she will work her design magic to provide a few spin-off ideas so that you have a variety to choose from.

Included are sets of edits to ensure your logo reflects exactly what you have in mind and all formats listed above in the ‘Logo Collateral Package.’

*Like fashion, not every logo stands the test of time. Rest assured, our process starts with a consultation to completely understand your goals and vision. Then, we decide together if your logo is altogether past its prime or, if it simply needs a refresh.


Are you a sole proprietor, start-up or small size business? Lori will happily work through the entire creative process with you. She will team up with you and brainstorm to understand your vision, products and services. Knowing a unique logo sets businesses and brands apart from others on the block, she will design a logo that makes you stand out from the rest — showing your customers exactly who you are!

At Graphic a la Design, we know logo design can be an overwhelming process and that’s why we will take time to make sure your logo style matches your overall brand ambition, whether it’s luxurious, geometric, organic, youthful, abstract or sophisticated. Maybe your logo would be best suited as a wordmark? Or, perhaps as a lettermark, brandmark, combination mark or emblem? This package has an array of options and is fully customizable from a creative flat identity icon to elaborate 3D design.

The premium logo design option includes several pages of graphically designed logo creatives to choose from and edits to ensure your logo reflects your presence and vision. It also includes the ‘Logo Collateral Package’ formats listed above.

Alternatively, perhaps you have a complex, custom logo design in mind that you need Lori’s computer graphic design skills to implement? This option works for elaborate or more involved or intricate logo designs as opposed to the more simplified logo in the ‘Bring Your Own Logo’ option. Lori will work from a sketch provided or from information gathered during a complimentary consultation.


Are you a medium to large size business, a new corporation, organization or an existing company that is evolving or rebranding? Lori will collaborate with you and your staff to understand your business, industry, client base, products and services. With that information, she’ll generate logo design ideas that support your business goals, mission, vision and values.

Lori understands that a logo is the central element of a complex identification system that must be functionally extended to all communications of an organization. Your logo may be used across digital as well as print and oversized production channels. She gets it — your logo may be used in an online digital magazine advertisement, corporate brochure or on a highway billboard; and everything between. Rest assured, your logo will come fully adaptable and ready to use.

The ultimate logo design includes several pages of graphically designed logo options to choose from and edits to ensure your logo embodies what your company represents on a regional, district or global scale.

This option includes a ‘Branding Standards Digital Document’ customized for your business, as well as the ‘Logo Collateral Package’ formats listed above.

Your brand should be reinforced through all marketing material


Graphic a la Design offers an extensive range of marketing and promotional materials to support your brand beyond your logo design. Building upon your brand and logo, we can create unique brand-building collateral such as:

  • Business stationery and forms (letterhead, business cards, invoices, referral pads, etc.), available in both print-ready and digital formats
  • Media announcements, direct mail, email and social media, Facebook Pixel
  • Annual and corporate reports
  • Post cards, tri-fold and corporate brochures
  • Magazines and product catalogues
  • Advertising and media style guides
  • Storefront signage and vehicle wraps
  • Retractable and trade-show banners
  • Apparel, pens, mugs, water bottles, lapel pins and more!

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"Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful." — Sir Richard Branson