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You have less than 5 seconds to make an appealing first impression online. Your website must load quickly, be responsive (mobile, tablet and mobile-friendly) and rank well on Google and Bing. From local small business to corporate international websites, we will take the time to understand your market, your potential audience and your competition, then develop a website that meets your needs. In today's competitive market that is constantly evolving, know that our methods are on top of all the latest know-how in website practices, standards, design and development. Reach out, regardless if you require a facelift or completely new design, we are here to build you a strong online presence that turns curious visitors into real-world clients, customers or patients.

A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of Beauty is a family owned and operated seasonal floral and design décor business. They offer pre-planted urns and hanging baskets, along with any other seasonal accents you may want to add such as lanterns, wreaths, door swags, hay bales, cornstalks, pumpkins and holiday garland.

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete branding including logo design, WooCommerce website, business cards, letterhead, social media set-up and more!

Women's Health Physiotherapy Website

Women’s Health Physiotherapy Centre educates and empowers women throughout all ages and stages of their lives. They are passionate about providing effective, individualized and evidence based treatment for the women they care for. 

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete website re-build, social media assistance, on-line/social media advertising and new location grand opening promotion/marketing.

Dynamic Terrain Contractors

Dynamic Terrain Contractors offers unique, high quality landscape design and build services to help you achieve your ultimate outdoor oasis. We are skilled and dedicated professionals with over 20 years experience, servicing Durham Region and the GTA. 

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete branding including logo design, website, business cards, letterhead, note pads, floral decor sticks and social media set-up.

Kiya Development Website

With over 12 years developing, Kiya Developments specializes in personalized new home solutions and endeavours to provide maximum customer satisfaction driven by quality, workmanship and service.

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete website re-build, social media rebranding and promotions.

Newcastle Village Physiotherapy Website

At Newcastle Village Physiotherapy, Ana Whelan and her team pride themselves on providing a one-on-one physiotherapist to client experience that allows them to work closely with clients to achieve their individual treatment goals.

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete website re-build, logo design, business cards, social media set-up and training.

Little Blessings Nursery School in Whitby

Little Blessings Nursery School is a community based not-for-profit organization. We are faith based and dedicated to providing a quality play based half-day program for children 2 to 5 years of age. Our team of dedicated and certified teachers, board members and volunteers strive to provide a loving and happy environment for children to explore and learn.

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete website re-build.

Durham Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Durham Pelvic Health Physiotherapy focuses on solving pelvic health issues relating to incontinence, persistent pelvic pain including endometriosis; pregnancy and post-partum; painful intercourse; pelvic organ prolapse; pre- and post-surgical hysterectomies and prostatectomies, menopause and pelvic rehabilitation.

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete website re-build business cards, social media set-up and training.

Dennis Design/Build Website Design

Dennis Design/Build is a team of highly skilled trades professionals, we work together to transform residential homes to reflect the lifestyles clients dream about.

Graphic a la Design Services: Website design, Office365 email set-up and maintenance and social media (branding, holiday greeting, 5-star review and promotional posts).

BRICAN Flight Systems Website Design

BRICAN Flight Systems is recognized as Canada’s leader in custom robotic systems and factory automation

Graphic a la Design Services: Website re-design, create a vector version of the logo, design business stationary and updating social media.

High Heal Diaries Website Design image

Natalie Wilson, a three time breast cancer survivor created High Heal Diaries as a forum for women to share their stories of personal struggle in order to help others.

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete branding, logo, business cards, letterhead, #10 envelope, note pads, YouTube Video Q-cards, social media artwork, website design (including copywriting), pens, oversized 6′ x 7′ banner and annual Walk In My Shoes event branding.

Bass Beauty Bar Whitby Website Design image

Boss Beauty Bar has a fantastic group of highly trained, certified and forward-thinking ladies, passionate about our eco-friendly products and services.

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete branding including logo, website (design and copy writing, addition of scheduling software), custom graphics, various service information post cards, brochure, social media artwork and MS Office 365 mail set up and maintenance.

Besnovo Laser De-coating Website Design image

BESNOVO Inc, is a global company that develops advanced industrial automation and laser de-coating solutions for aerospace, automotive, advanced manufacturing and other sectors, world-wide.

Graphic a la Design Services: Branding including website, inner-office wall art, corporate bi-lingual brochures and YouTube videos in English and Chinese for international marketing and trade shows.

Enable Interconnect Website Design image

Enable Interconnect is an international company that provides innovative and reliable interconnect solutions through the design, assembly and service of industrial, commercial, aerospace and defence applications.

Graphic a la Design Services: 
Complete re-branding, business cards, digital letterhead, website (design and copywriting), product supply brochure, trade show promotional items, in-house photography, social media and MS Office 365 mail set up and maintenance. 

The Beauty Clinic Ajax

The Beauty Clinic’s mission is to exceed client expectations by offering professional, expert services with the highest sanitation standards, quality products and exemplary care.

Graphic a la Design Services: complete re-branding, mission statement, business cards, digital sales sheets/forms, website (design and copywriting) and social media advertisements.

Little Peace of Mind Website Design image

Little Peace of Mind helps you stay connected with those you love by helping alleviate some of the emotional stress of having to care for your loved ones during their time of need. 

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete branding, logo, business cards, letterhead, note pads, post cards, bookmark, identification tag, custom pens, social media campaign and website (including copywriting), 

Cleeve Technology United Kingdom Website design

Cleeve Technology Ltd., located in the United Kingdom provides innovative interconnect systems and components that are designed with the highest standard of quality in aerospace and defense technology.

Graphic a la Design Services: Re-brand including website (design and copywriting), corporate brochures and social media.

RocknRed Inc Website Design image

RocknRed Inc. Catering…to your lifestyle! Set your tastebuds ablaze with the mouth watering cuisine of RocknRed Inc. authentic island food.

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete branding, logo, business cards, letterhead, note pads, and assisted the start up company with various branding and marketing strategies.

Carolyn A. Ross, DCC, Registered Psychotherapist, CRPO, Website Design image

Carolyn A. Ross, DCC, Registered Psychotherapist, CRPO, believes that life is a journey, and when it comes to her clients, she views herself as a partner, walking with them on their individual paths as they reach one milestone at a time.

Graphic a la Design Services: Complete re-branding including logo, website and business cards.

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